Our articles section covers a very wide range of topics. Many of the contributions are summaries of talks given in Etta Kossowsky Study Groups. All are Torah oriented and reflect personal readings of texts and commentaries. Some articles are in Hebrew, but most of the contributions are in English.


Rav Duvdevani of Bet Shemesh

Rachel Adelman

Eli Ehrman

Esther Ehrman

Lori Fagelston

Mindy Gerstman

Gina Kirsch

Sharon Kleinerman

Sheva Mann

Esther Marcus

Hefzi Rublin

Devora Segal

Sara Shpitzer

Ronni Suna



Rav Duvdevani of Bet Shemesh:

At the invitation of a group of women, Rav Duvdevani of Bet Shemesh gave a series of talks in Hebrew on The Commandments of the Torah as they Apply to Women. These are summaries of the talks in English:

The Status of Women in Commandments Linked to A Specific Time

The Prayer of Hannah

Kadish Recited by Women

Women's Participation in zimun and minyan

Women and keryat haTorah, the (public) reading of the Torah

Zimun and Grace after Meals 2

Baruch she patarani and Celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Women’s Compositions in Jewish Liturgy

Kevod ha tzibur – Respect for the Public

Women’s Obligation in the mitzva of the Chanuka Lights

Listening to a Woman’s Voice

Rosh Chodesh (New Moon), Women’s Holiday

Esther. Is History Simply Repeating Itself?


Rachel Adelman

Breaking the Tablets

Jacob’s Night Vision and the Foundation Stone of the World

The Etrog and the Tree of Knowledge

A Voice from the End of the World


Eli Ehrman

The Dispute at the Rock 

Why Are There Tsunamis in G-D’s Creation?

Who is a Jew and if so, what is Judaism?

The Days of the Mashiach and Gan Eden

The Divine Gardener

Geula and the Three Curses in Gan Eden

The Philosophy of Science and truth in Judaism


Esther Ehrman

Deciding What is Good and Right

Bereishit – Do Some Things Come First?

Kristallnacht - A Torah Response

Two Parts of the Covenant – Yithro and Mishpatim

Remember what Amalek did to you - Shabbat Zachor and Purim

The Four Versions of the Ten Commandment in the Torah

The credentials for prophets and judges (parashat Shoftim)

Sing you barren that you did not bear

Fire from the Lord

Bringing the Omer

Preparing for Matan Torah

Yigdal and the Thirteen Principles of Faith

Shavuot Customs

Personal, Individual and Communal Prayer

Ki Tetze – Motivating the mitzvoth – a change of emphasis?

On the Soul and its Powers

Leprosy - Crime and Punishment

Angels and Divine Communication

And These Are the Ordinances Which You Shall Set Before Them

Mount Sinai

Shelach Lecha

Judaism as introduced in the Book of the Kuzari

Is This Your Judaism? The Jew in Sefer HaKuzari

Philosophical Truth and Torah Truth in the Kuzari

A Talmudic modification

Truth in Historical Narrative (Judges ch.9)

How does Midrash relate to the Text?

Between Pesach and Shavuot

Do we have the final say on laws of the Torah?

Handing on the Divine Blessing given to Abraham – a difficult process

The Sin of the Golden Calf and the Tabernacle in the Wilderness

'The Temple Mount in our Hands' and the Value of Sacrifices

Har Sinai and Har haMoriah

Kedusha in the Wilderness


Mesilat Yesharim

Divine Attributes in human beings

Did you know?

The Political influence of Religious citizens

Who is fit to lead the Jewish People

Rav Kook: chapter from Musar Avicha

Shass Syum

Rav Kook. Eulogy on Theodor Herzl

The Ten Commandments - set in Stone?

The Omer

Maharal on the Mashiach

The Maharal Gevurot Hashem

Sefer haChinuch Mitzvot 31 32

Sefer haChinuch Mitzvot 57 58

Sefer HaChinuch 95 To build a Mishkan

Lori Fagelston

Sanctifying the Sabbath in the Amida Prayers of the Sabbath

Shemone Perakim

Parshat Truma

Mindy Gerstman

The commandment of 'Egla Arufa'


Gina Kirsch

Weighing Acts of Piety


Sharon Kleinerman

Rav Kook's Musar Avicha


Sheva Mann

Ramban on Parshat Pinchas


Esther Marcus


Spirit and Material


Hefzi Rublin

Study of Joshua Chapter 10


Kuzari Essay 3

Effort and security


Slavery and Freedom


Devora Segal

Introduction to Sefer Yehoshua 

Sara Shpitzer

Haftarat Vayerah


Ronni Suna

The Priority of Knowledge